Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Never Send to Know for Whom the Bell Tolls

According to the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count: in January, 2006, there were at least 89, and possibly as many as 142 U.S. Military troops reported as wounded in Iraq, and 62 U.S. military fatalities.

I just wonder why only Bob Woodruff's injuries are worthy of a front page headline and a statement of sympathy from the White House.


Amanda said...

Are you watching the State of the Union Mom? I'm biting my tongue so that I don't say anything so as not to offend Lex. It's amazing though - you can tell when the Dems don't like something - their whole side of the room doesn't stand or clap. It's very one-sided too.

Amanda said...

So, I went to the Rec tonight and worked out to Anderson Cooper 360 until it came to the end of the program. Thought you would appreciate that!! LYB&B