Monday, January 09, 2006

Back to Business

Well, things are getting back to the New Normal around here. I just got back from Tuscaloosa, where I dropped Amanda off for the spring semester. Just when we were getting used to having her around again...there she goes!

It was a good first visit home for her, I think. She got to meet back up with some old friends, and realized that many of them are growing away from the group, now that they're out in the college world. I guess that's kind of a sad realization for many of them - that the group they were sure were going to be "BFF"...really aren't.

But Amanda has a good head. I think she knows that her core friends will always be there, and the others...were really just friends by virtue of proximity: they shared classes and had commonalities that way, but weren't really the Friends of a Lifetime. I think she's hopefully making some of those friends now, because college is more about choosing friends because of shared interests and experiences rather than just who you grew up around.

And I think she enjoyed being with us, too! I know Randy and I had a great time with her.

GO BAMA!! ROLL TIDE!! (and take care of my baby girl...)

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Amanda said...

Thanks Momma. I love you guys mucho and being home was wonderful! Miss you all already.