Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I Miss Jon Stewart

I realized when I got home tonight and checked the TV schedule that "The Daily Show" is STILL on hiatus this week. Dang, I hate that. Here we've only had Comedy Central since maybe September, and I'm hooked.

I miss Jon Stewart. I miss his unique way of skewering idiocy, no matter the party affiliation (have you heard him riff on John Kerry? Hysterical). I miss what he can say with just a slight squint and a raised eyebrow. I miss his technique of actually listening to the person he's interviewing before he asks another question. Sure, sometimes he goes for the easy laugh, but still...

I miss the correspondent who's the Stephen Colbert wannabe...keep forgetting his name. Ed Helms. That's it. Do I miss dopey little Samantha Bee? Her...not so much.

I have seen the interview with Jake Gyllenhaal 47 and 14/15 times (missed the toss to The Colbert Report one time. MERRY CHRISTMAS, JON.), because that's at least how many times it seems that episode has been rerun.

And while we're at it, I miss The Colbert Report. Haven't had Tonight's Word in over TWO WEEKS. I love a TV show that you have to read as well as listen to. I love that he has what seems to be a sincerely sweet little smile when he realizes he's been bested by a guest, like Cokie Roberts, or the Walking the Bible guy, Bruce Feiler.

One more week. I can hold on until then.

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