Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Look THAT up in your Funk & Wagnalls!

knuck·le·head Audio pronunciation of "knucklehead" (
n. Informal A stupid person; a blockhead.
n : these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence [syn: dunce, dunderhead, numskull, blockhead, bonehead, lunkhead, hammerhead, loggerhead, muttonhead]


Amanda said...

And what would you of done if I had told you after we went to Birmingham? My guess...gotten ticked that I didn't tell you before hand. I know I would of. Of course we will be careful. You have my word on that. LYB&B--AJR

Denise said...

Yep. Definitely one of those "what was he thinking!?!!" moments, wouldn't you say???

Amanda said...

The queso was definitely the best part of the meal Friday night!!! LYB&B--AJR