Thursday, March 13, 2008

Under the Boardwalk

Well, okay, so there's not actually a boardwalk in Gulf Shores - YET, but we are heading to the sugar-white sands of lovely LA (that would be Lower Alabama, if you have not been lucky enough to make your way there) for tons of Spring Break fun. Got to wrap up the Aikin basket auction first (which has already proven NOT to be drama-free. Yippee.), then Friday morning, Randy and I will head east, and after their last classes are over, Amanda and James will head south, then we'll all get to spend a few fun in the sun days together. YAY!!!!!!!

So, no blogging for a little while, but you should check back for Twitter updates in the column to your right.....=======>>>>>>>

WHAT?!? You don't Twitter?!? Why ever not?!?

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