Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hybrid Clothes Dryer

My sweet husband indulges me in many ways. One of the things that I most appreciate is that he doesn't make fun of my feeble attempts to green our lifestyle. He puts the crap he skims from the goldfish pond into the compost bin. He puts the newspapers in the recycle basket, and asks about plastic and cardboard before he puts it in the trash.

He hasn't raised an eyebrow about my shower timer. And although I haven't noticed him using it, he does give me props when I use it. Four minutes for a shower.

I gotta be honest. I try, but ding dang, y'all. Four minutes is a SHORT shower. I notice when the timer is empty.

And, for my birthday this year, you know what he did? He installed a hybrid clothes dryer for me!! Yep, a combination solar- and wind-powered clothes dryer that will help us reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate the need for those petroleum-based dryer sheets! He is so sweet to do that for me. Thank you, Sweetheart. It was a VERY happy birthday!


Paige said...

Four Minutes?? You're fast! I also think you should market your new wind and solar powered clothes dryer. You could make a fortune.

But seriously, I thought I was eco-conscious but I really did not know that there is petroleum in dryer sheets! That makes them seem kinda gross now. I bet you do save a lot drying the clothes outside.

Way to go on reducing your carbon footprint!

Dee Martin said...

LOL you mean a clothesline??? For once I have outgreened you - I've had a clothesline everywhere we have lived for almost 20 years. I still use the dryer for some things but I wash in all cold water. I don't time my showers but Dale swears I take the fastest showers in the world. Sigh, I feel better. I usually feel so un eco next to you :)

Denise said...
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Denise said...

OK...You girls are puting me to shame. I'm inspired to get started. First step - newspapers! What's the best way to collect and recycle them?

Paige said...

The one and only thing I miss about our apartment we had when we first moved to Austin is the free recycling. The complex had separate containers for everything but glass and all you had to do was toss them in. In made recycling my newspaper a cinch! I loved seeing fewer things go in the trash, however, Round Rock doesn't offer recycling yet. I hope they catch up soon.