Monday, June 16, 2008

Fame and Dignity

I like Bill Clinton. I always have. As president? I thought he was awesome. I don't, however, like some of the things he has done, or how he has handled much of his personal life. But I can compartmentalize. His personal life is pretty much his business, and should remain between him, Hillary, Chelsea and God. In my opinion.

Having said that, this little blurb in The Arkansas Times (scroll down to "Girls Gone Wild") about the pay-per-view business that Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers have created in order to milk a little more...whatever...for themselves has a quote from G. Flowers that I had not read before.

"Flowers says her infamy was no ticket to riches and adds, 'What is fame without dignity?'”


I can't figure out quite what point she's trying to make here. This is a question that it seems to me should be asked OF her, not BY her.

What IS fame without dignity? Gennifer can't answer that, because she has neither.


Dee Martin said...

It seems there is no low that is TOO low for people to go for money or 15 minutes of attention.

Randy said...

As I've told Frances often, Bill missed the perfect defense with Paula Jones. It was a simple mistake, she looked like a professional hanging around that hotel lobby.