Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Baby Steps, With Help

Very often, something nice happens when you start making an effort to change. People you know start trying to help you out!

After my last post, Denise commented that they take newspapers from the high school to Christians in Action for recycling, so I called them to get more details. Turns out, they take more than just newsprint - also cardboard, plastics, and aluminum! So recycling CAN be done locally - what a great thing this is! Already got a basket for newspapers in the den, and I'll figure out a way to keep the other stuff corralled for what I hope will be weekly trips to CIA.

Then, last week I was in my favorite coffee place...$$... and I was telling Roger, their crackerjack manager, that I've started working on not throwing away so much stuff, and he said "wait here for just a second!" He went into the back and came out with this neat, washable container that holds my Iced Venti Latte just perfectly. So now I pull up, place my order and say "I've got my cup!" and they wait till I get to the window, then make my drink right in the cup for me. Extremely awesome.

Who knew being "conservative" could be so much fun!


Dee said...

I am pledging right here and now to carry my cup with me from now !!

Anthony Lewis said...

It's good to see you posting again. I had stopped visiting for a while since every time I stopped by for the last two months I almost cried.

Call me next time you head out for your Iced Venti Latte and I'll have one with you. I want to hear all about Europe.