Thursday, May 31, 2007

Like ants out of the are my thoughts...

I've had all these random thoughts lately that individually aren't enough to constitute a post, but as a list....probably don't constitute a post, either, but whatever.

My thoughts on:

Lindsey Lohan: Lord, but she was cute in The Parent Trap. What the heck happened? AND WHERE IN GOD'S NAME IS HER MOTHER??? Oh, right...partying hearty right along beside her. Little Lindsey has not been well-served by the people who are supposed to love her the most.

Melinda Doolittle: My favorite American Idol. She wuz robbed!! Get this girl into a recording studio YESTERDAY.

Star Wars: My favorite movie. 30 years. Mercy me.

Mike and Mike in the Morning: My new favorite morning show.

Gene Simmons' Family Jewels: My new favorite DVR show. Move over, Dog. Good boy.

Comic Life: My new favorite time-waster. Thanks a BUNCH, Dee. Really.

Amanda: My new favorite Wal-mart cashier!

The Excellent Adventure:

What a strange and wonderful trip this will be!! The fun starts Saturday...


Anonymous said...

You bought an RV?! Is Randy going to start wearing black socks with his sandals and shorts? Are you going to get on of those shower cap looking things with the feathering things on it?

Dee said...

LOL I'm still giggling at the comment - I don't see you in the shower cap thingy but if you start crocheting six pack rings into handy doodads and playing bingo you'll have to move to Florida. PS sorry about the Comic Life thing but hey you know you love it.

Have fun on the adventure - hope you will blog some of it. I am vacationing vicariously this year and must have plenty of vacation bloggy goodness to feed on.